Hardee’s General Manager

A Hardee’s General Manager is the leader of our Star Team.  Our General Manager is the key team member who establishes the tone of the work environment and exemplifies our unsurpassed level of customer-oriented service. As the General Manager, you are responsible for the operation of the restaurant, building a strong team, and consistently providing customers great food and a friendly experience.

Key responsibilities include recruiting, hiring, and developing employees.  The General Manager takes personal responsibility for conducting new hire orientation and implementing the training plan for each new hire. You are also responsible for scheduling and deploying the Star Team correctly, addressing performance issues, assisting in the resolution of customer issues, and assisting in the management of the restaurant’s budget and financial plans. A successful candidate will have strong leadership and communication skills, a track record of personnel development, and a positive attitude. If you want to build a great career, come and succeed at Hardee’s in the Holstein Travel Center!

Please send your resume to: hardeescareers@holsteintravelcenter.com

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